Editing GIT comments


and you may need this when you do the forced push:


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SVN: Get List of Externals

“As you mentioned, it does consume network bandwidth. However, if you had access to the server where those repositories are hosted, you may run it via file:// protocol. It is proved to be faster and not network consuming.

svn propget svn:externals -R file:///path/to/repo/Branch

Also, if you had the entire working copy in place, you may also run it within your WC.

svn propget svn:externals -R /path/to/WC

Hope it helps you to achieve the results faster!.”


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Getting Splunk to capture JSON fragments

While it is recommended to use machine readable logging structures, it can be difficult to set up Splunk to read them.  Here’ how:

In the props.conf on the universal forwarders, use something like

KV_MODE = none
AUTO_KV_JSON = false

Basically, I use a subset of this.

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HttpContext is closely related to threads…

but not exactly


“The CallContext provides a service extremely similar to thread local storage (except CallContext can perform some additional magic during a remoting call). Thread local storage is a concept where each logical thread in an application domain has a unique data slot to keep data specific to itself. Threads do not share the data, and one thread cannot modify the data local to a different thread. ASP.NET, after selecting a thread to execute an incoming request, stores a reference to the current request context in the thread’s local storage. Now, no matter where the thread goes while executing (a business object, a data access object), the context is nearby and easily retrieved.”


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Interception with Entity Framework


Note, there are rumors that the documentation around this feature is limited that that there are difficulties/issues with it.

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Need to read a file of JSON Fragments


JsonTextReader reader = new JsonTextReader(new StringReader(json));
reader.SupportMultipleContent = true;


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Handy Windows Tools

  • Far Manager – “Norton Commander”-like file manager – free alternative to Total Commander
  • cmder – console “emulator” for Windows
  • Chocolatey – Nuget for Applications – Software Management


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