Uninstalling VS 2008

Uninstalling Visual Studio 2008 can be a real pain.  You can get errors such as "A problem has been encountered while loading the setup components. Canceling setup."
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Proposed Answer

I struggled with this forever too. and I agree that we shouldn’t have to use third party tools and burn to dvds , etc.. to unsinstall the software.

I could not uninstall the trial version of visual studio 2008 team edition, until finally I figured it out.

you have to make sure you uninstall any update for Visual studio before you try to unsinstall Visual studio itself.

so I went to control panel, and I clicked to view Windows updates and I found "Hot Fix for Visual Studio 2008" update.
I uninstalled it and now I can uninstall Visual Studio without a problem.

If you do not have any updates, try to uninstall the visual studio related programs in Control panel before trying to uninstall Visual studio itself. Leave Visual studio as the last component to uninstall.

In my case, uninstalling the update alone was sufficient.

I hope this helps


This worked for me.
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